Energy Master Planning: Shaping a Sustainable Future

In an era where environmental sustainability is paramount, energy master planning is essential for organizations aiming to reduce energy consumption and decarbonize their facilities. Loring’s Energy Services Group is dedicated to guiding clients through this crucial process, offering comprehensive planning and design solutions that align with both current and future energy needs.

Understanding Energy Master Planning

Energy master planning involves a strategic approach to managing energy use, optimizing efficiency, and integrating renewable sources. This process supports environmental goals while enhancing operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Our team at Loring is equipped to help organizations navigate energy planning complexities, ensuring informed decisions for sustainable outcomes.

Our Approach

At Loring, we follow a structured approach to energy master planning, which includes:

  • Assessment: Conducting a thorough evaluation of current energy usage and infrastructure to identify improvement opportunities.
  • Establishing Goals: Collaborating with clients to set clear and achievable goals for reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions.
  • Infrastructure Evaluation: Assessing electrification options and energy-efficient technologies, along with renewable energy integration, to meet goals effectively.
  • Lifecycle Cost Assessment and Carbon Assessment: Evaluating the comprehensive lifecycle costs and carbon impact of proposed solutions.
  • Scope of Work and Phasing: Developing tailored work scopes and phasing plans aligned with organizational needs and priorities.
  • Energy Tariffs and Legislation: Guiding clients through the complexities of energy tariffs, legislation on carbon penalties, and available incentives or rebates. Our deep understanding of these factors helps in navigating the regulatory landscape and capitalizing on financial opportunities.
  • Implementation Planning: Providing support throughout implementation to ensure plan execution is smooth.
  • Measurement and Verification: Implementing robust protocols to monitor energy performance continually and verify solution effectiveness.

Energy Master Planning

Benefits of Energy Master Planning

  • Cost Reduction: Optimizing energy use lowers utility expenses and building operations costs significantly.
  • Decarbonization: Transitioning to electrification and renewables reduces emissions, supporting global sustainability goals by minimizing reliance on fossil fuels and promoting the use of clean energy sources.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Our solutions ensure compliance with energy use and emission regulations.
  • Enhanced Resilience: Master planning increases facility resilience against energy price volatility and supply disruptions. Additionally, it helps avoid or minimize carbon penalties in markets that penalize buildings for excessive carbon emissions.
  • Specialized Expertise: Entrusting your energy planning to specialists in energy management ensures that all aspects, from technical details to regulatory and financial intricacies, are expertly handled.

Energy Master Planning

Case Studies and Success Stories

Our portfolio includes diverse and successful energy master planning projects, ranging from healthcare facilities and academic institutions to public buildings. We cover a spectrum of project types, from single building endeavors to campus-wide and portfolio-wide initiatives. Savings goals range from deep carbon reductions to achieving complete net-zero performance.

Energy Master Planning: Shaping a Sustainable Future

Loring is proud to have received an ACEC NY Platinum Award for the “Clean Energy Master Plan for SUNY Downstate.” This recognition highlights our commitment to excellence in energy master planning and our ability to deliver impactful, sustainable solutions.

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