Innovative Engineering Solutions for Data Centers

In a data-driven world, the processing and storage of data accounts for three percent of the world’s energy consumption today, and is exponentially growing as we continue to explore the possibilities of technology and information. Data has become an essential aspect of every industry. Moreover, advancements such as cryptocurrencies, artificial intelligence, and machine learning are only increasing its relevance. As a result, data centre operation and investment has expanded globally in IT, healthcare, finance, research and development, higher education, and beyond. These industries, however, are in need of flexible, energy-efficient engineering solutions. In the past few years, Canada has become host to a growing number of data centres. According to a 2012 article in The Globe and Mail: “One of the biggest challenges for data centre operators is to convince clients that their facility is a safe place to entrust data that is often the lifeblood of their business. Infrastructure has to be operating almost 100 percent of the time, and customers need the confidence that their data won’t be lost or compromised.”

Innovative Solutions for Mission Critical Facilities
At Loring, we offer top Data Centre Engineering, contributing to the design and construction of future-forward facilities that store and process information. Our experts are focused on innovative solutions for construction and operation of mission critical facilities; but, our services go beyond engineering to offer complete strategies for IT and Big Data, including infrastructure that supports cyber security, energy management, and commissioning. Over the years, we have been part of teams that successfully designed many mission critical facilities throughout the U.S. and Canada for a variety of public and private clients. Those projects have affirmed our ability to design and execute buildings that are highly technical and operate with advanced building systems.

Delivering Mechanical and Electrical Expertise
We understand that these facilities require high-quality, efficient infrastructure, and systems configuration with regards to power, cooling, ventilation, and security. We have an experienced team that is well-informed in this specialized typology, delivering mechanical and electrical system expertise to create the most dependable and cost-effective systems and solutions for data centre owners. For example, our team understands that in these facilities the network is the heart, and as a result, ‘communications cabling’ is critical to meet and exceed all industry standards and manufacturing guidelines. The team ensures optimal efficiency through mechanical and electrical systems design, specializing in hot/cold aisle typology, chilled water, in-row cooling, and rear door heat exchange. Moreover, at Loring, we continue to conduct research with regard to fire detection and suppression technology when it comes to data centres as they are constantly evolving and improving. Security protocols and document controls are in place to handle and safeguard the most sensitive materials, protecting the integrity of the security levels required by a given project.

Moving Forward with Data Centres
We, at Loring, are not only highly committed to efficient, secure, and sustainable data centre design, but are interested in it. From small edge computing centers to enterprise facilities to hyperscale campuses, we look forward to assisting companies of all sizes develop modular, scalable solutions that help them prepare for an unknown future.