Engineering for Fit-Up Construction

Fit-up projects are challenging. Whether for commercial or institutional purposes, they require a ‘value analyzed’ approach while delicately balancing the needs and objectives of the project with realistic time frames and budgets. Moreover, a thorough understanding of building code requirements and zoning characteristics are essential for the successful coordination of engineering consultants, space planners, and contractors.

We have been part of fit-up projects (both large and small), and have observed how “Owner’s Standards” are followed, and more importantly, where they are not. This is a subtle difference; it stems from in-depth experience, the lack of which results in spending time on issues that are of little concern to stakeholders.

Our Team Understands
Our team in Toronto is well-versed in fit-up projects. They have completed projects of varying sizes, shapes, and schedules – specifically in the corporate interiors and higher education sector. These experiences have resulted in our team’s understanding with of similarities and differences pertaining to how these client types operate and what motivates them.

For these types of projects, we have seen strong success from our design efforts where we sought to understand what was/wasn’t important when offering Mechanical, Electrical, IT, Security, AV, and Fire Protection engineering consulting services as part of a team. For example, the level of detail that the institution’s IT and AV manager may dig into is far less important to the Mechanical Lead (who may be more interested in knowing if the general fundamentals of the project have been met). In addition, some of the fit-up projects we undertake are in dated buildings with little to no as-built documentation. As consultants, we are able to support the team, demonstrating what is most feasible while maintaining the project budget, offering innovative solutions that could help with the delivery of the project. Furthermore, at Loring we are familiar with interpreting Room Data Sheets that convey the User Group requirements in the design process for a fit-up.

Our Most Relevant Fit-up Project
In Canada, our most relevant project of this kind has been the complex, multi-phased Teaching Lab Renovation at the Mississauga Campus of University of Toronto (UTM). In addition to Mechanical, Electrical, Lighting, AV, Security, and IT, our Loring Toronto team also completed Sprinkler Design and prepared stamped hydraulic calculations at the time of building permit due to a unique change-of-use that required the addition of sprinklers in the renovation project. We were able to offer convenience to the architects and other consultants by leveraging our expertise with fit-up projects and a level of comfort to the University of Toronto, understanding the complex requirements and offering the breadth of resources that were needed for this initiative.