Modular Buildings

Loring has extensive experience designing mechanical, electrical, and low-voltage systems for prefabricated modular buildings. Modular buildings have the potential to significantly reduce disruption to sites by shortening active construction timelines. We have worked with multiple fabricators to seamlessly coordinate services with utility and site conditions, as well as the integration of each individual prefabricated module to ensure the projects are executed successfully.

Citizen Care Pod
In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Loring teamed up with design and construction professionals to repurpose shipping containers into portable virus testing centres. The pod was designed to be fully customizable to fit each client’s needs and was outfitted with the capabilities to enable turnkey mobile COVID-19 testing across North America.

US Embassy in Central Asia
Loring provided mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire protection, and telecommunications engineering design services for a new 60,000-square foot embassy that incorporated stringent HVAC and security requirements. The telecommunications design was comprised of highly redundant cabling infrastructures. The project was executed as a design/build and was of modular construction with the modules built in the US and shipped to Asia for assembly on-site.

Modular Office Building
The University of Toronto Mississauga was looking to build a modular office building that would be fabricated off-site, shipped, and assembled on-site to minimize disruption on campus. The new building was designed to accommodate the campus police and hospitality departments, so there were a number of security and circulation considerations. Additional coordination was conducted for systems mating at module seams, and services such as voice/data cabling, piping, ductwork, drainage, and conduit.

Water Treatment Plant
Loring was tasked with designing a new water treatment plant to serve a new community for the Hiawatha First Nations. The project consisted of two phases – phase one was the design of the prefabricated water treatment plant, and phase two was the design of the site services including power distribution for the well pumps, outdoor backup power equipment including a diesel generator and ATS, and an outdoor dehumidification unit for the treatment plant. Loring worked with the enclosure fabricator and the site services contractor to ensure all services were coordinated when the enclosure was delivered to the site.

Radiology Pod
Loring partnered with an industrial manufacturer to develop a modular radiology pod to bridge downtime at hospitals when MRI machines were being upgraded. MRI machine upgrades can potentially take months to complete, resulting in significant downtime and loss in revenue. Loring designed the MEP systems so they could be easily assembled and disassembled to move the radiology pod from hospital to hospital to increase its productiveness and use.

For additional information, please contact Nigel Bastiampillai, P. Eng., Principal at Loring.